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November Newsletter

I just returned from a week in Ghana with the Women Changemakers for Education Leadership Team and our accomplished Fellows, Mentors and Friends. It  was an inspiring and uplifting experience. While there I asked many of the Fellows why WC4E matters to them. They stressed that the combination of skill building and developing a sense of community are the most important and unique aspects of the WC4E Fellowship. I overheard an aside from one Fellow to another which embodied their solidarity and fellowship in action, “If you ever feel locked, come to me!” It is deeply gratifying to be making good on our tagline: “unleashing the potential of women and girls through education, leadership and fellowship.” 

During the training sessions, Fellows honed practical skills like pitching and setting professional goals. Watching them hone their pitching skills, putting themselves out there in front of their peers, and graciously accepting tough feedback was energizing. 

The first Fellow to present her pitch was visibly anxious (haven't most of us been there?!) . As she began running through her deck sharing her passion for her work at the grass roots her entire body visibly relaxed. Encouraged by the critical feedback and supportive smiles from her peers, she radiated confidence in her newly honed pitching skills. The Fellows’ pitches were a great insight into where they envision their organizations going in the future. Patricia, the founder of the Patmond Foundation, said, “In five years I want the Patmond foundation to be a household word!” Their goals were inspiring, and it is humbling to walk with them along their paths to success.

In addition to the training we hosted a Three Year Celebration Reception and caught up with our partner and colleague Daniel Dotse, the Founder and Executive Director of Lead for Ghana, which is dedicated to ensuring every child in Ghana has access to an excellent education. When asked what he appreciates most about WC4E Daniel said, “I admire the efforts of Women Changemakers for Education. Their dedication to transforming the lives of many children and nurturing leadership in their fellows is truly inspiring.” 

As ever, we are grateful for your interest and your loyal support!

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