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Our Story

Evidence tells us that women are major engines for change, and education is the key. According to UNICEF (2022) when women are educated rates of global poverty decrease, infant mortality declines, positive public health indicators increase, and household incomes go up. Added to that, when girls are educated, for every additional year of education, she will increase her future income by 10 – 20%.


How do we support the women who support girls?  

Our Fellowship identifies, supports, and promotes high achieving female pioneers, changemakers and innovators, providing skills to help them multiply their potential for social impact and increased education for girls. We support our Fellows with leadership training, mentorship, program micro-grants, professional peers, technical experts and global connections.

In 2020, we commenced our global journey in Ghana, where our current partners have deep levels of expertise and access to strong local networks. Our proof of concept has been wildly successful! Building upon our experiences in Ghana we will expand Women Changemakers for Education globally to reduce gender inequality in educational leadership and innovation around the world.

The Multiplier Effect:






hours of
leadership training

hours of

in grassroots program grants 

72,000+ people impacted


Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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