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Our Fellowship identifies, supports and promotes high achieving female leaders in education, providing skills to help them multiply their potential for social innovation and change. We connect these leaders who are innovators, pioneers, and changemakers, with leadership training, mentorship, small program micro-grants, professional peers, and technical experts. Our Fellows join the global stage and are proud to say:

“I am a Women Changemakers for Education Fellow!”

Learn about each aspect of our work below:


Our Fellows receive training which enhances their leadership abilities, including goal setting, proposal writing, storytelling, and more.


We support Fellows with small grants to help them expand and scale-up their programs, leading to greater community impacts.


Our Fellows are matched with one-to-one mentors who model success and offer guidance and support.


Our Fellows have just as much to learn from each other as they do from us! With that in mind, Fellows select peer partners who offer mutual support.


We provide Fellows with opportunities to present their work at global conferences, gaining access to new networks of strong professionals in their fields.

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