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Nana Ama Spotlight

We wanted to highlight some of the exceptional work being done by one of WC4E’s fellows Nana Ama. Her organization, Think Education, has been making great strides in empowering low-cost private schools in Ghana and providing quality education to low-income families. We urge you to take a look into all that she has accomplished recently: 

1. KYC School visits – With the new academic year starting, Think Education reconnected with our low-cost private school partners. Throughout September and October, we visited over 30 of our partner schools, with the aim to strengthen our commitment to working with them.

2. NASIA Partnership – We have recently signed an operational MOU with the Northern Regional Inspectorate of the National Schools Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA). This operational agreement establishes a basis for mutual commitment between Think Education and NASIA to cooperate in supporting low-cost private schools to improve learning outcomes.

3. Pecan Energies Sponsorship - We received a sponsorship of 5 laptops from Pecan Energies (formerly Aker Energy) to support partner low-cost private schools to increase efficiencies in school management and administrative practices, particularly in record-keeping and management. This support will enable these schools to efficiently track and analyze essential educational data, make informed decisions, and optimize their administrative and operational processes.

4. Cha-Ching Program - Think Education is partnering with Junior Achievement Ghana on its Cha-Ching program. The Cha-Ching program is a financial literacy program that teaches young people key money concepts – Earn, Save, Spend, and Donate. Partner schools received resources to facilitate the program in their schools.

5. Challenges Ghana partnership - Over the last three months, Think Education has been happy to engage two students under the SYSE program by Challenges Ghana. This project seeks to equip young Africans to ideate and execute income-generating social entrepreneurial projects for Purpose-Driven Organizations, specifically NGOs and social enterprises.

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