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Nimatu Siisu


Nimatu envisions a future where every vulnerable child is educated, empowered, protected, and respected to make informed decisions that have the potential to transform the entire community. An aspiring social policy analyst, Nimatu strives to make a difference in the area of women empowerment and rural development.


Nimatu is the Program Coordinator for Builsa North District at CAMFED Ghana. She supports the planning and development of work plans, budgets, and activity reports, facilitates the implementation of policies and practices in the district, monitors program sites and reports on progress, and works with stakeholders to devise sustainability strategies. Before becoming Program Coordinator, Nimatu worked on CAMFED’s My Better World program, supervising trainings on course modules, collaborating with school authorities to implement the program, coordinating district activities, and disbursing grants to CAMFED beneficiaries as startup capital for businesses. She is also the founder of Hope for That Child, a foundation which seeks to address critical issues affecting the educational attainment of vulnerable girls in the Savannah Region of Ghana. Nimatu’s hope is that resources from her Empowered to Educate Fellowship will sustain her organization’s growth and prepare her to empower young girls through ethical leadership and mentorship. 


Nimatu’s other accomplishments include organizing an award ceremony for 100 best performing students in the North Gonja District, forming the changemakers club with female senior high school students, impacting 350 students through mentorship sessions, and organizing vocational classes for CAMFED beneficiaries in junior high school. She holds a BA in Integrated Community Development at University for Development Studies and aspires to become a social policy analyst. 

What Empowered to Educate Means to Nimatu Siisu

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