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2024 Women Changemakers for Education Conference
Register online for the in-person event

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About the Event

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In 2020, Women Changemakers for Education enrolled its first Cohort of 10 Ghanaian young women committed to women’s empowerment and girls’ education. In 2022, we welcomed our second Cohort and their work at the grass roots has since impacted more 75,000 lives. 


For each Cohort the two-year fellowship is crowned with a National Women Changemakers for Education Conference organized by the fellows. This year’s conference, entitled “Women Influencing Education and Innovation for Social Change”  draws inspiration from remarkable women, Fellows and Alumnae who are actively contributing to the advancement of high-quality, inclusive, and fair education. Distinguished speakers will impart their knowledge and perspectives on the strategies they have employed to achieve success. 



  1. To create a vibrant community of women in education who support one another for deeper impact

  2. To highlight the outcomes of women-led change initiatives contributing to quality, accessibility, and equitable education for all children in Ghana. 

  3. To showcase WC4E fellows’ stories and impact


Conference Date: 

 July 27, 2024



 Mensvic Grand Hotel

Event Schedule

Theme: Women Influencing Education and Social Change
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Our Featured Fellows!

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